Rough problems in the cable network

Rough problems in the cable network

Karl beudert is pissed. "And this a few days before the world championship", he says. In the last days there was only one thing on tv: the rough rush. The main area affected was the old town of munnerstadt. Only a few days before, windheim had no internet. Like the residents of the western part of the city, the people of munnerstadt had to make the experience that they simply could not get a contact person on the phone, in spite of the rough and tumble. "I’ve tried, over and over again", emphasizes karl beudert. He did not hear anything about advertising. "I’ve had enough, I’ve ordered a schussel", he says. It is now installed, the fubball world championship is saved. Meanwhile, the cable reception works again, but he does not care. "I cognize", he says. Mayor helmut blank (CSU) has received a number of complaints like this in recent days, including from grobwenkheim. "We have a duty to the grantor and the citizen", he says. "We are the contract partners." Therefore he has also written a letter to the provider.

Schussel supply used up

Karl beudert shows a letter he received at the end of may. It tells the customer that neftv has been part of the tele columbus group since 2015. "In the past few months, we have standardized the product worlds of the various companies within the group. From june, neftv will operate under the common brand PYUR", it says. Legally, however, neftv remains a contractual partner. There was a new telephone number for writing, on which karl beudert also tried without success to get someone on the line. "Four numbers I have called, without success", he says. The whole neighborhood is pissed off. Master electrician klaus schilling notices it too. "We’ve had a lot of scatterbrains in the last few days, he says. Now he has to order new ones first, the stock is almost used up.
"In a letter dated 26. 3. In 2018, citizens of the city of munnerstadt complained about the inadequate internet supply to the bavarian state ministry of finance, for land development and home affairs, nurnberg", according to the letter from helmut blanks to neftv. The state of bavaria and the city of munich have a central concern to ensure a high-capacity, full-coverage internet supply. The city of munnerstadt has received a grant of around 800,000 euros. In the course of the required expansion, all parts of the village were connected to the high-speed internet by the network operator neftv. Now this service is offered under the name of PYUR.
"More and more often, citizens complain to the city of munnerstadt about inadequate or inadequate traffic flow. Internet and telephone connections not at all available (current problems: windheim, altstadt). The frustrating thing is that our citizens and their customers cannot reach a contact person, let alone a service technician, despite their best efforts", the mayor makes his anger known. And: "the one with neftv resp. The legal successor PYUR concluded cooperation agreement with the city of munnerstadt is currently not fulfilled. Since they are technically not able to provide a stable internet- or internet-connection in the long term. To enable a telephone connection, we hereby demand that you provide us with a deadline of 31 december 2009. 7. 2018 to provide permanent technical services as specified in the cooperation agreement." Then he becomes even clearer: "if this should not be possible for you, we see ourselves obligated to give the start for a new market investigation, in order to find offerers, who are technically, in addition, in the customer satisfaction in the situation to supply the citizens of the city munnerstadt as well as the city districts sufficiently."

Compensation demanded

As a precaution, helmut blank points out in the letter that if the neftv cooperation agreement is not fulfilled, the city will have to pay the costs from june 1. August will be liable for damages. He asks for feedback until 30. June.
An inquiry from our newspaper to the press office of the tele columbus group, to which neftv belongs, remained unanswered by the editorial deadline.


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