13 People injured in pileup on a1 motorway

13 people injured in pileup on a1 motorway

The clearing of the accident site took several hours – the highway was only reopened to traffic late in the evening. "Traffic is flowing again," said a police spokesman.

The situation was initially very unclear for the rescuers: in initial reports, the police spoke of 50 vehicles involved. After the emergency services had gained a precise picture of the situation, it turned out that about 30 vehicles were involved in the series of accidents. Among them were trucks. Several people were trapped in their vehicles. "It is fair to say that a very chaotic picture emerged," said police spokesman mathias kutzner. "We sent everything we could alert here."

As to the cause of the accident, it was said that the low sun had blinded some drivers. In addition, the road was wet after a sleet shower. Investigators began reconstructing the exact course of the accident this evening.

Police spokesman carsten grallert said none of the injured were in danger of death. The two seriously injured were flown to hospital by rescue helicopters. The highway was completely closed for hours in the direction of osnabruck. The closure should be lifted around 7 p.M. At the earliest.

The accident series was triggered at midday about 1000 meters before the cloppenburg exit. Two accidents initially caused several cars to collide. Afterwards a jam formed. While most of the vehicles were able to stop, a truck hit another tractor-trailer that had stopped in front of it, pushing several vehicles together. In these cars, two people were seriously injured, said the police spokesman.

After that, there were other subsequent accidents, but most of them were less serious. Investigators registered a total of eight collisions in succession.


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