Picking up litter while jogging

For a good three years now, katrin bedacht has been going jogging on an almost daily basis. Sometimes shorter distances, sometimes longer ones around her home, the untersambach district of wiesentheide. With them they always have a few tutes. Not just like that, but to pick up litter that she sees next to her tracks in the woods and meadows.

She started jogging for health reasons, and the idea of collecting waste came up in the process. The farrier is an enthusiastic rider and runs a horse farm with a pension together with her daughter. Nature has always been close to katrin bedacht’s heart. "I am annoyed that there is mull lying around everywhere. When we make hay for the horses, we often find plastic or waste in it."

Even clothes are disposed of in nature

A flat on the outskirts of geesdorf katrin has thoughtfully chosen for demonstration purposes. First the path goes through the forest, later along the road. It is frightening, in her opinion, what one finds in general. Their finds range from cans, bottles, packaging, coffee cups, cigarette butts and packets, to clothing.

While katrin bedach is talking, she bends to the left or right and picks up various things with her gloved hand. Quickly the first bag is full, when she suddenly pulls some glass bottles out of the bushes. Deeper in the forest, she has less work to do. "Here is a clean corner", she says after a few meters.

This changes when we switch to the track along the strabe. "Luckily, I still have a horn with me. There are even pieces of clothing lying around. What people threw away", she shakes her head and puts a wash bag in the trash bag.

Being more aware of the environment

A very sad topic, said bedach, because although there are often waste holders, some contemporaries just throw the things away. The reason why she works as a cleaning lady walking through nature? "Since I’ve been jogging, I’ve noticed it extremely. At some point I could no longer see it. I don’t care that some people look at me blod when I walk with mulltuten". People had to be much more aware of their environment and do something more actively, wishes katrin bedacht.

That there is a worldwide movement of joggers who collect litter is something katrin bedach also knows. She still hopes that many more people will be willing to help clean up the environment. The result of the good one-hour round in the forest astonished the observer at the end. Katrin carefully packed three bags full of waste into her trunk, in order to separate and dispose of it properly at home.

"Plogging, or "plooging", is the name of the environmental movement. By definition from wikipedia is "plogging" a word formed from the components "plocka (swedish for pick up and plow) and jogging, and stands for a nature sport that has the goal to fight the littering of the landscape and to feed the mull into the recycling cycle.


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