“The wage negotiations will not be child’s play”

The spokesperson described the employers" offer of a one percent wage increase after the second round of collective bargaining a few days ago as a bitter disappointment. This is nothing other than a zero increase, if the price increases are taken into account.
The other two core demands, for the permanent employment of all trainees and for more co-determination in the use of temporary work, were not even addressed by the employers. "We will not put up with this", said wankel. It is not possible to pay for the general ten percent increase in prices with one percent more money in the pocket.
The behavior of the employer side in demanding that all trainees be taken on indefinitely is contradictory. On the one hand, companies were threatening to reduce the number of jobs, while on the other hand they were already complaining that there were far too few applicants. "An open-ended takeover would nevertheless bring the necessary applicants", according to wankel. The argument that trainees would no longer be able to make an effort if they were offered permanent employment was also incomprehensible. Training regulations and examinations already stretched through the entire examination period. "Leaning back is no longer an option anyway."
The demand for more co-determination in the use of temporary workers is, after all, merely a demand for fair working conditions. "Fair loan work is actually not loan work" said the negotiator. It is unacceptable that colleagues are exploited and used to frighten the regular population. Sibylle wankel therefore also called hired labor a "modern form of slavery. In one of the richest economies in the world, it must be possible to create secure jobs.
Sibylle wankel criticized the FDP, which believes that it is possible to make a name for oneself by preventing the creation of state-owned castles. Every transfer company needs burgschaften, wankel said. They had to come either from an investor or from the public purse. The spokesperson does not accept the argument of distortion of competition. First of all, politics should bring about a change in the law. It is unacceptable that companies with thousands of employees, billions in turnover and millions in earnings should be run in the same way as the local baker", namely without any control mechanism, as there is no supervisory board in partnerships.


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