Gasthof adler becomes a party nest

Gasthof adler becomes a party nest

Innkeeper bernhard obner not only wants to celebrate the oktoberfest for three days, but also a wedding and the 360th anniversary of the inn for two more days. Protest against six days of nocturnal larvae load of friday, 28. September, until wednesday, 3. October, but had already announced subliminally.
Even in the youngest meeting of the market town council, controversial discussions had taken place. This prompted mayor gotthard schlereth (CSU) to invite the people concerned to a discussion in the guesthouse.
As a rule, music is played from 6 p.M. To midnight, obner announced. Only on sunday and wednesday will the party start at 10 a.M. "I will make sure that the music will not be extremely loud", the innkeeper promised. After all, he wants to continue to get along well with his neighbors all year round. The marquee in front of the entrance to the restaurant blocks the road, but access to the lower corner is guaranteed via the other side of the marketplace and via the upper corner at the straub bakery.
"Six days of celebrating is too long, said rudi schieber. He said what several of his table neighbors confirmed with nods of the head. Because older people and professionals needed their regular restful sleep. "Even in munich is from 22 o’clock silence in the biergarten", joined annette schieber.
"A sheep dog from the neighborhood will not stop barking", gottfried sturzenberger surmised. However, in principle, he expressed his support for obner: "the economies should live. They are welcome places of communication for us." Sturzenberger’s gift left an open door for gunter gerlach and other guests.
Some residents were disappointed because the solution they had proposed did not come to fruition. You had suggested a shorter event duration of three or four days in total. There were also concerns about the expected number of guests at the oktoberfest: this year, he said, a coarser number was to be expected than in the previous year. "Maximum 500 guests", obner explained. He referred to the space limit in the marquee.
After a long back and forth the residents agreed with 20:6. So there is now almost a week of rough celebration. "Despite all the concerns, we are glad that something is going on", schlereth thanked for the overwhelming understanding of the neighborhood for the mammoth celebration. After all, the "black eagle the oldest inn on the square.
The community council supports the sensible solution and has passed on the responsibility for implementation to the administration of oberthulba market. For example, it is already intended to set up a speed limit on the local thoroughfare during the celebration.


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