No fingerprints allowed

No fingerprints allowed

Already at the 28. For the first time, the district savings bank issues a local medal for the old town festival. Inspired by the 150. Anniversary of the hochstadter floriansjunger decorates the fire department gatehouse the current munze.
"Originally, it was an ironclad tradition to depict only historical buildings on the national medal", volker schonbrunn recalls. He headed the marketing department of the savings bank for more than 30 years – and when the old town festival was launched in 1985, he came up with the idea of creating a local medal.
Since then, a historic munzprage has stood in front of the main entrance of the sparkasse during the festive season. With sheer muscle power, savings bank employees create the medals there. Like marco fischer. The head of the value paper department has been stamping the changing home motifs since 1997 together with his colleague, plant organization manager tobias koppel. "Even if you see them only once a year – over the years you build a real relationship with the munzsammers", fischer sums up. Because, according to the experienced medalist, most buyers are repeat offenders. "That’s why we are often asked if we can recreate an old motif. For many have our whole series – except for one or two pieces. But of course we do not let them talk to us."

Coveted anniversary coin

in 1985, the munz tradition began with an illustration of the burgerspital. The most beautiful corners of hochstadt have since been pressed into precious metal. Many of the lovingly detailed illustrations were created in cooperation with the well-known local historian philipp dresel from hochstadt. However, one edition stands out between the city tower, the spix monument and the sweden fountain: "on the occasion of the 1,000th birthday of the city of sweden," he says. We wanted to set a very special accent for the jubilee in 2003", tells volker schonbrunn. The result was the only medal to date to be adorned with the portrait of a human being, and one that is particularly coveted by collectors. It showed hermann graf von hohestete, the founder of hochstadt. "In addition, the medal was not produced in the usual coarse size, i.E. With a diameter of 20 millimeters, but measures an impressive 35 millimeters", explains christian enz. Two years ago, he took over from volker schonbrunn as head of the marketing department – and at the same time took over responsibility for the "heimatmedaille" project, which he has since continued cautiously. However, he says, the search for new motifs is becoming increasingly difficult. "Last year, we therefore decided to depict the fortuna culture factory, the first building outside the old town."
This year, too, a motif on the outskirts of the city was chosen – the fire station of the volunteer fire department. According to the marketing manager, the decisive factors were the characteristic architecture of the purpose-built building, which was erected in 1978, as well as the 150 square meters of the building. Anniversary of the volunteer fire department in spring.
Depending on your wallet, the fire department building is available in gold, silver and, for the last two years, also in pewter.
Although the first coin will not be minted until saturday afternoon, preparations are already in full swing. In the workshop, micha riehlein is cleaning and maintaining the historic spindle press, which is used in hochstadt only once a year. The "historic" designation results from the fact that for the prage process only the muscle power of the prage personnel works – there is no motor. Each medal is therefore a unique handmade piece.
Above all, cleanliness is important. Even a small speck of dust or a bare fingerprint in the press can cause the delicate motif to be badly reproduced afterwards. "It has nothing to do with fun. This is hard manual work at these temperatures", reports the trainee. "The meticulous cleaning of the cylinders is a bit annoying – but still the easiest thing to do."


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