Domestic tourism can revive in many places

Domestic tourism can revive in many places

Hotels and vacation apartments have reopened in a number of federal states.

In berlin and brandenburg, guests can stay in hotels and vacation apartments again as of today, mecklenburg-western pomerania is allowing people from other federal states to enter, and hotels in lower saxony have also reopened. Previously, other states had already enacted relaxations. In bavaria restaurants started us beer garden again indoors.

The prerequisite in the corona pandemic is that the operators of the accommodations can ensure the prescribed minimum distance and the hygiene rules. In many places, for example, guests were not yet allowed to help themselves to the buffet at breakfast again. A mask obligation does not give it according to data of the german hotel and restaurant federation (dehoga) in brandenburg. Reservations are not compulsory, but hotels recommend them, as many hostels are well booked with a view to whitsun.

Bookings in berlin hotels are picking up again, but still at a modest level. "The occupancy rate over whitsun is between 5 and 15 percent," said gerrit buchhorn, deputy chief executive of the german hotel and restaurant association (dehoga) berlin. Since the middle of march, the occupancy rate has been around five percent, according to the data. Almost a third of the stores had temporarily closed down completely, with some still closed. "Some hoteliers are still waiting," said buchhorn. About half of berlin’s hotel industry is made up of tourists from abroad. "They are still missing."

In brandenburg, too, many hotels are still closed, said the president of the local dehoga, olaf schope, in an initial assessment. An opening at this point in time is often not profitable for the large hotels. According to the lausitzer seenland tourism association, however, the local booking machinery is running at full speed. However, due to the corona-related hygiene and distance rules, the additional personnel requirements are enormous. The tourism association therefore also offers many different day tours in the open air.

In mecklenburg-vorpommern, meanwhile, the first visitors from other federal states arrived during the course of the day, after guests from the state itself had already been allowed to visit hotels, vacation apartments or camping sites since last week. However, the state government has set an occupancy limit at 60 percent and strict distance and hygiene regulations. The mecklenburg-vorpommern camping association expects occupancy rates to rise to the limit allowed by the state government by whitsun, the traditional start to the season. According to a survey of the bursts, the current occupancy rate is 20 percent.

The 60 percent limit also applies to hotels in lower saxony. There hotel guests can also return to the east frisian islands. The four responsible counties will publish corresponding general statements, as friesland’s district administrator sven ambrosy (SPD) announced in jever. They are to come into force on tuesday and wednesday, respectively, and also provide for a reoccupancy period for vacation homes. On some islands, accommodations had to be rented for a week before the corona was established – now, bookings of four days, for example, are also possible.

According to ambrosy, hotel guests are allowed to arrive already now, because the inselburg masters have allowed it. Driving companies had been informed. "Day tourists are excluded, which means you can only get on the islands if you can prove a night’s stay as proof of accommodation."

At noon also on the baltic sea island of hiddensee arrived the first voyage with tourists. There were about 150 guests on board, as spa director vanessa marx said. Tourism must be ramped up very carefully, carefully and carefully in order not to endanger the upcoming summer season with an infection on the island. "This would be even more difficult to survive economically than the past weeks without rental tourism."

Figures from schleswig-holstein, for example, show how badly the industry has suffered. As the northern statistics office reported on monday, the number of overnight guests there fell by 53.5 percent year-on-year to 236.000. There was a 44.2 percent drop in overnight stays to 953.000.

Elsewhere, some domestic vacationers and operators will still have to be patient: in saxony-anhalt, hotels are expected to be able to offer the service from 28. May accept guests from other federal states. In baden-wurttemberg vacation homes can currently open, as far as self-sufficiency is possible. Hotels were allowed to leave from the 29. May open. In bavaria the accommodations open only from 30. May.

However, relaxations have now come into force for restaurateurs there: the bavarians can return to the taverns. Following the opening of the outdoor areas a week ago, the interiors of the hotels in the free state have also been open again since monday. "We are satisfied with the start," said the regional manager of dehoga bavaria, thomas geppert. However, the situation of the landlords remains difficult.

The same rules largely apply in the interior rooms as in the canopy restaurant – i.E., minimum distance, mandatory masks beyond the table and registration of one person per group of visitors, among other things. In the interiors may be up to 22.00 o’clock catered. This will also be possible from whitsun onwards for the outdoor areas, which currently have to close two hours earlier, as announced by minister-president markus soder. This is "extremely important," geppert said – from both an economic and infection control perspective.

Nevertheless, the landlords are still in grave concern about their economic existence. This is the result of a flash survey conducted by dehoga bavaria, in which around 1700 members took part. In 2020 as a whole, restaurateurs expect to lose an average of 57 percent of projected revenue.


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