A festive day for the markt einersheim church community

"Today is a day of celebration for your church community and the deanery", architect georg redelbach said at the topping-out ceremony for the new community center of the deanery and the evangelical-lutheran church community of markt einersheim, which was spartan because of the corona pandemic. "We hope for a drafty construction progress until the inauguration", redelbach explained, to which dean ivo huber smiled and remarked: "your word in god’s ear". For until the topping-out ceremony could be celebrated – albeit on a small scale – one and a half years had passed.

The fact that since the beginning of the demolition of the old building of the deanery and the parish house there was no movement for a long time, had a subterranean reason. Because the area around the church was once the site of a cemetery, and after the first bones were found, the construction site came to a standstill for the time being. The builders and experts uncovered a total of 150 skeletons and the architect put it this way "a lot of work was necessary before the foundations for the building could be laid".

Construction work began in september 2019

It was not until september 2019 that the construction workers from the frank construction company in oberscheinfeld were able to start work on the community center, which has a footprint of 20 by 8.50 meters. The new parish house will cost about 1.3 million euros, which also includes 170,000 euros in additional costs for the excavation work. The parish house will be home to the parish office, the deanery with administration, a large hall, the archives and a youth room on each floor, and the attic will offer additional storage space.

The carpenter has hammered his last nail in the ridge purlin, so the time was ripe for the topping out ceremony. From the top of the tower, master carpenter michael bayer read out the toast and rhymed: "the building is made of stone and wood, for the benefit of the citizen and for the pride of the church community". The construction is completed and the work for the shell is done, the house has a special value because it belongs to everyone. "May god protect the building from worries, hardships, dangers of earthquakes, fire and water shortages, from wars with murder and death", said michael bayer and asked for the divine blessing for the community house.

Construction work for parish house starts in two weeks

"Several variants were planned", architect georg redelbach looked back and thanked the craftsmen for their good work and demanded that society and politicians should show more appreciation for the craftsmen. "I hope that by easter of next year we will be able to move into the parish house as a church congregation and deanery, and my wife and I will be able to move into the new parish house", said ivo huber.

The construction work for the parish house is scheduled to start in two weeks, the second building will cost around 900,000 euro, bringing the total construction costs to 2.2 million euro. The church community brings to it own funds of 100,000 euros, subsidies are still granted because of its districts the city of iphofen with 60,000 euros and the municipality of markt einersheim with 40,000 euros. The remaining sum is to come from the evangelical lutheran regional church.

"Here we lay the foundation stone for the future of the deanery seat", ivo huber emphasized and saw the money well invested. The dean thanked mayor herbert volkamer, because the church community and the dean’s office were able to use the community’s rooms in the community center and the town hall as an alternative during the construction period.


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