The rothenberg fire department celebrates

When it counts, they're there – the active members of the rothenberg fire department. Especially on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the fire department of the small town of seblach. The whole village was involved in the organization. "For the celebration many have taken their vacation. Everybody pulls together", said the chairman, thomas fischer, at the festive reception. "I think that is just great."
From a "success story spoke the patron of the three-day anniversary celebration, seblach's third mayor martin mittag (CSU). While the active fire department is ready for action beyond the borders of the village, the village life is enriched by the fire department association. "I was not surprised", said at noon "that the preparations were already completed a day earlier than planned".
Mayor hendrik dressel (free voters) emphasized that the fire department does much more than fire and disaster protection. Instead of "my dear burghers he could in rothenberg just as well "my dear firefighters" say dressel. He is right, if you look at the numbers: the village has 91 inhabitants, 82 members of the fire department, 23 of them active.
District administrator michael busch (SPD) thanked the firefighters from rothenberg for their commitment to the community. He also addressed the circulating rumor that active firefighters pay for their badge of honor themselves: "that's bullshit." When he, as a district administrator, awards a tribute, it is first and foremost a thank you. "This is a tribute to those who are willing to help others 365 days a year – and of course no one has to pay for it, busch made clear.
District fire chief manfred lorenz thanked his colleagues from rothenberg: "i am glad to have worked with you for the last 27 years. It has always been fun for me." Besides the equipment and the vehicles, it is important for a fire department that the "we-feeling" is present and the attitude are present. "Here in rothenberg it definitely fits", confirmed lorenz.
Thomas fischer emphasized, how important the good contact and the friendly relationship with the other fire department associations is for the rothenbergers. Many commanders, especially of the fire departments from the other parts of seblach, had come with their teams. The contact to the neighboring clubs of unterelldorf and heilgersdorf as well as to the patenverein hattersdorf is especially close. The rothenbergers have a common bond with dietersdorf in the form of joint youth work. Lena weinkauf, the youngest and only young active member, can soon hope for reinforcement: her friend maria has just turned twelve and will now also join the fire department.

The jubilarians
Franz kunzelmann honored for 75 years of membership. The 91-year-old can still remember well how he joined the fire department at the age of 16. His firefighter card dates back to 1934. Erich schorn and otto eiermann honored for 65 years of membership.
Alfons schlund honored for 50 years of service. He still remembers how the compulsory fire department marched through the village from 1940 to 1945. At that time he was frightened by "the military" scared him off. Schlund said of himself: "I was never a good fireman, but when there was a fire, I was there."
Fortunately, there were only a few serious cases in the 75 years, and when they did occur, they were only outside the city limits. The fire department was involved in the angelika-moden fire in seblach, the maier family barn fire in hattersdorf and the barn fire in bischwind.

Loosening by presence
On sunday afternoon, the fire departments from seblach and autenhausen/gemunda demonstrated their skills in a fire drill. The seblach rescue team rescued an "accident victim" with suspected back injury from his vehicle and handed him over to the on-call service of the red cross. The colleagues came with their "ifex" small loader, to extinguish pallets set on fire. One spectator commented on the fact that they didn't want to burn for a long time with the words: "it's already something when the fire goes out on its own, just because the fire department is standing around it."


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