Visiting service celebrates its 20th anniversary. Anniversary

Visiting service celebrates its 20th anniversary. Anniversary

At the general meeting of the diaconal association of lonnerstadt, pastor andreas sauer referred in his introductory remarks to the book of the apostles, according to which diaconal work has its origin in young christianity, namely to care for the poor in addition to the word of god, which is symbolized in all diaconal institutions by the crown cross. He went into the seven works of mercy. But he also emphasized that caring for the poor and proclaiming the word of god are interdependent and go hand in hand – you can’t have one without the other.
In his report on the association’s activities in 2017, chairman karl kaiser focused on the ruhrigen visiting service. In 1998, it was launched by the then chairman walter zwingel. The nine members of this group visit mainly elderly and infirm people and meet several times a year to exchange ideas and experiences. Since hour one, kate zwingel, walter zwingel, lieselotte sandner and michael haberkamm are still active with great enthusiasm after 20 years. Kaiser paid them the highest respect and recognition for their many years of volunteer work. Magda taubert, ingeborg schade, frieda schubert and luise berlet have also been an integral part of the team for many years. 20 years of visiting service circle is taken as an occasion to celebrate the anniversary in the fall of this year in the context of a diaconal service.

Donations increase

15 years of reta’s strong commitment to the diaconia cafe. She was dedicated to her work right up to her old age. She took care of everything and also ensured a good mood. Kaiser described it as a drop of bitterness that "the soul of the diaconia cafe" has been gone with her for several months due to health reasons they could not be present any more.
Successfully represented again at the advent market. The diaconia association was able to effectively support the church community with its heibgetranke.
Treasurer helga teufel reported that expenses and income were in balance in the past calendar year. The main expenses were two donations to the church community for the renovation of the cemetery wall and for the purchase of a new loudspeaker system. In addition, two families with severe care needs were supported. The proposal to keep the annual membership fee unchanged at 15 euro was approved by the members. The cash auditors reinhold teufel and lorenz kalb positively highlighted the significant increase in donations received.
In his entertaining and informative talk about the central diaconal station in neustadt, deacon frank larsen first described the history of the non-profit company’s origins. The introduction of long-term care insurance and the associated increase in the number of billing methods and the. Due to documentation requirements, it was no longer possible to maintain the previously existing relationships with an own diaconal nurse in the respective congregations. Thus, diaconal associations from the region founded the central diaconal station neustadt/aisch ggmbh with professional structures. In addition to the focus on "securing outpatient care a wide range of counseling services are also available.
Larsen also spoke about the new day care program. Three such facilities are planned, the first of which was opened in bad windsheim in 2017. To the 1. The day care center in diespeck is scheduled to be inaugurated in july this year. He described the requirements that such a facility must meet in order to receive recognition. For this, however, in addition to the care allowance for home care, an additional budget depending on the degree of care from the care fund can be exhausted.
Based on the floor plan for the new premises in diespeck, he explained the daily routine, employment, rest and retreat possibilities. He pointed out that there is also a driving service that picks up the visitors and brings them home again, whereby he emphatically added "we also drive to lonnerstadt".
The meeting concluded with an award to kurt wittmann, who has been a member of the association committee for 15 years.


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