Old fire brigade up to date

Old fire brigade up to date

The aschach volunteer fire department is one of the oldest in the entire district. It was used on 28. October 1869 founded at the suggestion of the royal fire inspector martin from bad kissingen. At present, it has just under 50 firefighters, including a good dozen firefighter recruits, i.E. Young people between the ages of 12 and 18.
17 young people from the village were approached and invited to the fire station, reported commander marcus kolb at the annual general meeting. He was somewhat resigned, however, to the fact that all his activities in the area of youth recruitment only received five responses. With mareille kirchner and mona wirsching the youth group could win two new members and so it was confirmed once again that the decision of the year 2000 was correct, when the fire department aschach opened also for women.
In the meantime, there are six active female firefighters, one of whom is even a respirator wearer. But not only the member recruitment prepares increasingly problems, also with the employments for years a change is to be noticed. The fire brigade is increasingly being called on to provide technical assistance, and the "typical fire mission" is no longer the case is increasingly fading into the background. In the entire year 2012, there was only one fire operation in the town, and the fire brigade only had to clear the streets twice, but had to clear trees from the streets four times. "In the meantime, however, we are also well equipped", explains commander kolb and refers to the new fire engine, which was purchased in 1999.
"With the LF8/6 we have a water-carrying vehicle, which was retrofitted in 2007 with a hydraulic rescue kit with scissors, spreader and ram and was therefore also included in the alarm plan for technical assistance, after we had only the fire hatchet as our only ‘tool’ for over 130 years". The fire department and the municipality have then developed "aschach 48/1" as the radio call name of the vehicle is correct, still a chainage acquired, which came in the following years more and more frequently to use. Especially in the "old ladder, the connecting trabe between aschach and hohn, there had been repeated strong wind breaks. This had been in the past partly so strong that the road had to be closed completely, because still during the employment uprooted trees fell down. But also at the other missions, the crew and the vehicle have fully proved themselves, for example at the two oil missions, where coarse oil traces on the road had to be removed, and at a serious traffic accident directly at the old aschach sports field.
Also "cultural the aschach fire department was very active in 2012, its chairman and former commander horst krapf likes to know. The straw pool party is to be repeated as part of the vacation program of the market bad bocklet. Working "magic" with straw bales and a rough plastic tarpaulin the firefighters give the aschach children a paddling pool right in the center of town – there’s coffee and cake for the parents.
"It is not easy today to lure children and young people away from the PC" emphasized district fire inspector edwin frey, who thereby again stressed "we, the fire departments must remain attractive and approach the young people from our side". And bad bocklet’s second mayor andy sandwall stated that "the fire department needs highly motivated volunteers who provide the best service under top leadership".


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