Djk has the class preservation in the bag

Djk has the class preservation in the bag

DJK don bosco bamberg defeated spvgg bayern hof in the bavarian league with a deserved 1-0 home win. This victory is tantamount to staying in the league, the wildensorger can no longer slip to a relegation place in the remaining three games.

At the beginning of the game, however, it didn’t look like DJK would win, because the guests had a slight advantage. Don bosco had to do without several regular players for various reasons. But the home team made the best of it and fought their way into the game. With increasing duration, the DJK came in better and was always dangerous in counterattacks. In the 16. In the 57th minute, matej kyndl had no luck with a strong shot, the attempt went just past the goal.

Don bosco continued to play well and balanced the encounter. With the first good opportunity bamberg also immediately went into the lead. Of all things by the ex-hof marco haaf, who completed a quick attack over the goalkeeper david guyon, who was running too far in front of his goal, and gave the 1:0 lead (26.) concerned. After that, the game waved back and forth, scoring chances were rare on both sides until the exchange.

In the second half, viewers initially saw an unchanged picture. Most of the action took place in the midfield, and the game remained fair. The bail troupe wanted to win the game at home and secure their place in the league. Bamberg fought undaunted and stood very secure in the defense. The hofer team hardly scored anything worth mentioning in the second half and were rather unimaginative in their efforts.

In the 60. In the 16th minute, christopher kettler almost scored the 2:0 when he shot from 16 meters out of the turn, but found his master in goalkeeper guyun. The hofer now could not find a way against DJK’s stalwart defense. A fast counter-attack via sayko trawally then brought nothing in, because in the last moment a hofer defender went in between and conquered the ball. In the end, it was a close but well-deserved 1:0 victory for the wildensorger. Mk


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