The rough show on heibem sand

The rough show on heibem sand

Sometimes it’s not so good to open your mouth too wide. This was the experience of hansi hummer, the super-speaker of the stadtsteinach carnival society. He tried to win a tennis match at over three degrees in the shade, in ski boots against two challengers half his age.
The musician and good-humored restaurateur is known everywhere for his sometimes crude remarks. At a meeting of the stadtsteinach council of eleven, hummer challenged the reigning carnival prince and the prince maker to a tennis match with the following words: "i’ll win against you two, even if i’m wearing ski boots!"

Actually two fubballers

Heiko weinmann and heiko tautermann naturally did not want to put up with that. Even if neither of them plays tennis actively, they are sporty all the same. Both of them are football fans and play for TSV.
"We’ll take the bet", the two heikos gave back. And the idea for a good-humored tournament was born, the likes of which had never been seen before by the people of stadtsteinach. "I got myself a miniskirt. A little bit of fun is allowed", heiko tautermann explained his daring outfit. And dheiko weinmann competed in adiletten. "It doesn’t matter that you can’t run so well in slippers. We can do it", he found.
"Oh god, what did I say again", hansi hummer said already before the tournament. At 32 degrees in the shade, he put on his thick socks and slipped into his orange ski boots. "But I need a head start. I pulled myself playing sports", hummer begged for mercy. The two heikos granted him this wish.
"I can’t leave my ski boots open. I have to close them already", hummer already noticed the first steps on the red sand. Precautions "dopte" he had served himself with suben waffles. "So, if it had been heiber now, I would not have been able to do it", said hummer and played on his "very personal luck story" at. In 2014, he suffered a heart attack on the stadtsteinach tennis court, and only immediate resuscitation brought him back to life.
"Just keep going as long as you can", the two heikos sent ahead. They almost felt a little bad because the heat was burning so mercilessly from the sky. But then the first balls flew. Hansi hummer was ahead. But not for long. Despite his two-point lead, hansi hummer lost the first set 3:6 and the second 2:6. But then the tide turned. Hummer had found his form.

I’d rather have a beer

He won the third set 6:4. Suddenly the wind came up, a fierce, gusty wind. Sand burned in the eyes of the players. In the middle of the fourth set, hummer ended the match. "We prefer to drink a beer with the spectators", he took his defeat calmly. "It was all about the spab."
"We have secretly played", revealed heiko weinmann and heiko tautermann. In the stands, members of the carnival society and, of course, the council of eleven cheered on the fighters. And jurgen munch had donated beer for everyone.
Like at wimbledon, the eleven had come in dark suits and a bow tie. In addition, during the usual tennis match, money was collected for a good cause. "We rounded up the donations to 300 euro. The money goes to the school after-school program in stadtsteinach", revealed heiko tautermann.


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