Weisendorf kindergarten has two reasons to celebrate

With the jubilee "40 years of new building of the evangelic kindergarten" and the handing over of the environmental certification "gruner gockel" there were two reasons for a big celebration in the evangelic day care center for children in weisendorf on sunday.

The ceremony began with a festive service in the multi-purpose hall, which had been used as a venue due to mite infestation in the church. The service was celebrated by the deputy dean oliver schurrle from herzogenaurach with the participation of the evangelic trombone choir and of course the children of the daycare center. Before the sermon, the kindergarten children sang "god likes children" and the dean then also put jesus in the center of his sermon.

After the service, the congregation moved to the decorated children’s day care center for the actual ceremony. After the introductory words of pastor lechner-schmidt and a review of 40 years in the new building of the kindergarten, the children with their teachers and the director sandra ebersberger took over the program with songs.

The children and guests waited in anticipation for the unveiling of a new sign on the front of the daycare center, which was, however, stuck on a little too tightly. With a little delay, however, the slogan "small in – rough out" was added and a logo to the fore.

In their speeches, mayor heinrich sub (UWG) and district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) praised the facility and thanked the teachers for their valuable work and commitment. The two speakers also praised the company’s environmentally conscious actions and congratulated it on receiving the "green dachshund" award. In this way, the day care center also sets an example and is a role model for society.

Traces in the heart

In her address, director sandra ebersberger also reviewed a series of facts. "Today we are not only celebrating the anniversary, but first and foremost the people who make a building like the kindergarten a special place", she sent before her speech. This is how people leave their mark on the hearts of others – the staff on the children and parents, and vice versa. After the speeches and the greetings there was a colorful program in and outside the kindergarten for the small and big visitors.

Beginnings in the sisters’ house

The beginnings of the evangelic kindergarten weisendorf go back to 1931. The sisters’ house – home of the hensoltshoher deaconesses – was also the place where the first protestant kindergarten had its home. It was a small, one-group all-day kindergarten, which was housed on the first floor of the sisters’ house. Beyond the kindergarten, the hensoltshoher sisters were important to the life of the evangelical church community of weisendorf: the sisters led a youth group and the youth circle, participated in the children’s service, sang in the church choir, and held their own bible studies on sunday evenings in the sisters’ house.

There were good relations between the catholic and the protestant kindergarten and with the st. Martin’s procession and the concluding st. Martin’s play there was also a joint event. As the kindergartens grew, the common train became overlong and the organization became more and more difficult, so the leaders decided that the kindergartens would move separately in the future. Cooperation continued even after the new kindergarten was built 40 years ago.


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