When old men play rockers

When old men play rockers

A powerful accusation largely vanishes into thin air, a bruised elbow remains unscathed and an insurance broker no longer understands the world. Sometimes legal proceedings turn out differently than you think at the beginning.

The two men in the dock look like rockers you’d imagine: long hair, long beards, sturdy figures. If then also in the indictment of serious robbery and bodily injury the speech, a boses picture arises in the head. In this case it is wrong.

The accused are father and son. The 51-year-old father, a househusband for over 20 years, used to be a member of a motorcycle club. Since the birth of his son, he has only driven his car. The son is now 26 years old, has nothing to do with motorcycles and does not have a corresponding driver’s license.

On 24. September 2016 the father allegedly attacked an insurance broker in the district of kitzingen with a metal rod, the son allegedly kept the man’s companions in check and even reached for them at times. Then, according to the indictment, father and son had robbed the men of their "frocks", i.E. The vests with the club emblem.

The 51-year-old told the court that he had retired "from active rocking" in 1991 and had become a caring househusband with a wife, three children and his own home. The club life of his club is quiet, they meet at most once for a barbecue.

He did not know the man he beat up in the fall of 2016, says the accused. But via facebook he had heard that the insurance broker was recruiting new members for the old club "with the idle club emblem". "And that," the ex-rocker insists, "requires consent.". This circumstance he informed the 57-year-old, was then threatened and the insurance broker announced a visit to him. This happened on 24. September 2016 .

"If the three had gone when i sent them off, nothing would have happened." 51-year-old accused

Although traveling by car, the brawny insurance broker and two other gentlemen appeared in their frocks on the property of the 51-year-old. After the unpleasant facebook chat, he saw himself and his family "in danger," says the accused.

Because the men had not left the property despite being asked to do so, he had "feared an excess of force" – and fetched an aluminum bar.

The trio had followed him, there had been a scuffle with the insurance broker, they had brawled and the pole had been used. In the end, he and his son had taken away the men’s frocks. Because they wanted to identify the intruders, which was possible on the basis of the embroidery. Two vests had been returned through a middleman. However, the 57-year-old did not accept the offer. "If the three had left when i sent them off, nothing would have happened," says the 51-year-old. Then he apologizes.

The son explains that he knew nothing of the quarrels in advance. He had come to the prudelei, when it was in the process. "I wanted to protect my father", he says, "I overreacted and I’m sorry for that".

The insurance broker, whose left elbow was shattered in the brawl, insists that he and his companions came with a "peaceful intent. "We just wanted to talk."The fact that the 51-year-old was not interested in talking did not stop him. But that he was "beaten with a baseball bat".

The court has witness statements about the 57-year-old’s exaggerations in the run-up to the beating, which raise doubts about the "peacekeeping mission. Even during the facebook conversation, the 57-year-old was not sparing with threats. In court, the insurance broker deflects: "these are all just empty phrases."

The chamber does not believe him. It is quite possible that the 57-year-old provoked the beating, says the chairman of the court. The father was in a "certain emergency situation", and the fact that the men had their frocks taken away "for identification purposes" was "not refutable".

As far as the son was concerned, the beating could well have appeared to him "as an emergency situation".

The end: the proceedings against the father and son are dropped, and the insurance broker no longer understands the world. Five months he could not work because of his injury, he had said in his interrogation. And that had cost him "20,000 to 25,000 euros".


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